I’m Worried I May Have Killed My Basil *Updated*

This weather has really screwed me over. I planted basil, cilantro, thai basil, rosemary, and mint in the two large-ish deck pots over the past several days. Every night it has been going down below freezing, it’s April 3rd! This is insane! So to protect the plants we’ve been covering them with plastic and cardboard and bringing the ones weren’t planted/ones in smaller pots.

I only planted the the thai basil, cilantro and rosemary yesterday foolishly not checking the weather first. Well, surprise surprise the it went below freezing last night so we had to cover everything again in the evening. Now I’m not a morning person, I didn’t get up until about 11 today but I didn’t take the plastic off because I thought that maybe it would create a greenhouse effect and might be good for them. I think I made a terrible mistake. I took of all the covering at 1pm because the sun was so bright and found the basil even more wilted than it’s been and the thai basil almost dead. Everything else seems fine, surprisingly that includes the cilantro which I thought would also be delicate.

I’m really worried and also sad. It’s not like it was a lot of money we spent, about $18 for all of the basil plants, but I’m really disappointed. It’s going down below freezing AGAIN tonight and I’m worried that tomorrow I’m going to open it up and all the basil will just be dead. 😦

UPDATE: It looks like the thai basil is a goner. Annoying. The regular basil is, I think, alive, but possibly only for the moment. I trimmed off a bunch of dead tissue from the regular basil but I might have to cut back even more. The ends where I cut are quite brown so I might need to cut further down on the stems. I think this week will be a good test of the basil to see if it’s actually going to survive or just keep withering away.


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