Self-Watering Container for Scallions

Contrary to Pinterest belief scallions will not continue to regenerate¬†indefinitely¬†with only water and sunlight. It will work for a while but eventually the bulb of the scallions (where all the nutrients are being stored) shrivels up and then scallions become very sad and get thrown away. If however, you start scallions with sun and water and then put them in soil they really take off! There are tons of tutorials for this on Pinterest, which is where I first saw how to do this. Here is mine, hope it helps! ūüôā

ImageHere’s what you’ll need:

  • plastic bottle of some kind (you could use glass but that’s a lot more complicated)
  • a utility blade (I couldn’t find one)
  • cheese cloth
  • soil
  • scallions! or whatever else you want to plant

thing you need to do is cut the bottle. Mine had a ridge that made the perfect place to cut. Like I said a utility blade would be easiest but I couldn’t find one so I got it started with a knife and a cut it the rest of the way with kitchen shears. The top of the bottle will be turned over and become the planter and the bottom of the bottle will be the water¬†reservoir.

 step is to measure and cut the cheese cloth. Put it through the opening of the bottle and splay out the cloth inside of the top of the bottle so the water will travel up and into the soil. In the photo you can see I try to spread out the cloth so water can get to as much of the soil as possible.


add your soil! Slowly and carefully pile in your soil, tamping down as you go. Only a tiny bit of soil fell to the bottom and once the soil gets wet no more should fall through.


Fourth, planting time! Just make a hole in the soil with your finger and put your scallions in and tamp down the soil around it. Continue until your planter is full!


IMAG0328 IMAG0329

Fifth, water. First water from the top so any air bubbles in the soil can escape. You might want to add more soil on top after this because the soil has compressed down. Then just add water in the reservoir and set in the sun! Ta da!


These two I made about a month ago, look how well they’re doing! The roots love it so much they’ve grown all the way down into the water¬†reservoir.