Gold Accented Mirror

Before & After

 Finally I have my first post and it actually has nothing to do with anything I’ve seen on Pinterest, but it’s because of everything on Pinterest that my friend (the owner of the mirror) and I had the idea to do this. Here we have a very pretty mirror (the photo doesn’t do it justice) but the color and distressing is a bit dull so it’s hard to see all of the pretty detailing in the frame.

We both thought it would benefit from from some more (it actually already has some) gold touches. Luckily I already had Rub-N-Buff paint in two different gold colors. I decided to use the “Grecian Gold” because I thought it would a little more antiqued.

Be careful with this stuff. This was my first time using this product so obviously I read the instructions, which is good because I was about to start using it inside. No, bad Angela!

A few things I learned from this was:

• It smells A LOT. Use it in a well ventilated area, I was outside and was still accidentally smelling it.
• When you first open it will be very watery/oily; because I hadn’t used it before I thought that was its normal texture and was therefore caught off guard when suddenly the gold color was much stronger I’d finally gotten down past the oil. I’d squeeze out the first bit and throw it out if I use this again.
• It shows on the cover a woman just using her finger to apply it but on the directions is says to wash your hands basically as soon as possible so that worried me. I decided to use one paper towel to apply and one paper towel to wipe off and that worked fine.

IMAG0087I think I was done in about 10 minutes and it looked really nice. Sadly the photo of the whole mirror did not really show the gold so here is a close-up shot of the final product.